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Sri Krish International Teacher Training Institution is established to help to meet the growing demand for Montessori Teachers in India. Our programs aim to prepare efficient teachers in assisting children in the development of the human mind through academics and aesthetic study.Our training helps the teachers, parents and all those who are interested in the development of young children to educate them in the Montessori method.


Our training is not only providing you the opportunity to enrich yourself with a deep understanding of Montessori methodology but also prepares you as a confident teacher through our various teaching and communications tips and guidance provided through our course.


Our Sri Krish International Teacher Training Institute’s primary purpose is to promote Montessori education based on the scientific discoveries of child development as developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Course Features:

Course offered part time or full time with 50% of Practical classes will be conducted in the school environment.

Uniquely developed study materials and globally benchmarked curriculum.

Well trained faculties for related subjects.

Internship for 1 month for class teaching.

Elaborate Hands-on practicing using wide range of Montessori apparatus.

Thematic Presentations, Seminars from experts and experimental &technology-based learning.

Virtual online live sessions, Skills Development, Classroom Management & entrepreneurship.

Workshops: Phonetics, Rhymes & Story Telling etc.

Internship/ Self practice for 2 to 6 months in our Sri Krish International School

Placement: Placement assistance as well as in - house job opportunity on meeting our selection criteria.

Rules and Regulations:

Timings of the Institute are 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

All the students have to reach campus before 15 minutes.

75% attendance is compulsory for all the trainee.

Students will not be granted any leave without permission of the Course Head.

Uniform are provided to each trainee. They must come in their uniform well groomed.

The use of mobile phones or any other audio, video gadgets in the Institute by trainees are strictly banned and if such items are found in possession of trainees, they will be confiscated

If a student is absent for seven days without any information, her name will be struck off from the Institute.

At the discretion of the Management, admission may be declined or cancelled at any time during the course if warranted by non-performance or on grounds of serious disciplinary matters.

During Teaching practice / Practical class no leave will be granted.

All the trainees shall have to carry their Identity cards inside the premises.

The student shall not loiter about in the premises when the classes are in progress.

Strict Discipline will be maintained in the Institute campus. Noncompliance with the rules & regulations of the Institute will be severely dealt with by appropriate disciplinary action.

Courses offered:

  • Diploma in Montessori and Child Education
  • Diploma in Creche and Pre School Management
  • Diploma in Pre-Primary Education
  • Advanced Diploma in Montessori and Child Education
  • Diploma in Primary Education


10th, +2, Degree Holders, Teachers & Housewives.


1Year Course Courses offered on Part Time and Full Time Basis



This is an ideal course for students whoare interested in Montessori Teaching. The course material is designed to understand and implementthe technology of Montessori.


This course is recommended to all experienced teachers but do not have formal nursery teacher training qualification, then here is the opportunity to get qualified, certified, upgrade and implement the Montessori methodology in the Conventional schools.


Low investments and profitable return, are key factors for many preschools to mushroom. However, to succeed and have an edge over other, the knowledge of Montessori methodology will be immensely beneficial.


The Montessori pedagogy is very popular and well accepted as one of the best child development programs globally, the global demand of qualified Montessorians is also rising.

The teacher of your own child.

As a Parent, you can yourself teach your children, the Montessori way to give them a solid foundation at their formative stages - Be the teacher of your own child.






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